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We all want to be in better shape. Whether that means to lose weight, get nicely toned, or get that six pack you have always wanted - we are here to help!

The Women's Only Fitness Bootcamp (WOFB) was one of the first programs of it's kind in Miami, Florida. Since 2005, we have helped hundreds of women in south Florida lose weight and get into the best shapes of their lives. We are NOT just an exercise program - the WOFB is a lifestyle center. We cater to each of our members by providing them a plan catered to their wants and needs. Some women want to lose a lot of weight, some women want to just lose a little, and some woman want to gain muscle mass. We tailor our programs to our members needs when it comes to exercise, diet, and lifestyle so that we can help them replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones.

Technique Is Everything

Without knowing how to do the proper exercises, you are at best working out poorly and not maximizing your gains. At worst, you are putting your body in danger of injury.

These are both things we want to help newcomers avoid. The WOFB has hundreds of exercises available on our video library (with more being added weekly) so that you can educate yourself on the finer points of each exercise. Not only will proper technique prevent injuries occurring, but it will also help you target the proper muscle groups, and allow you to see improvements in your strength, speed, and flexibility.

Killer Workout Routines

Once you know how to do exercises properly, you have to know which exercises to combine together to make a complete workout.

Proper warm up, stretching, exercising, and cooling down are just some of the element that make up a complete workout. We will show you how to string together workouts you can do at home and at the gym, and even share some of our in house workouts here at WOFB. Not only will you be able to watch videos of our workouts, but you will also be able to print them out or save them on your phone so you can take it on the go with you.

Fighting Your Way To A Healthier Body

Punching and kicking can be a heck of a workout when done right, and a great way of relieving stress too.

At WOFB, our ladies love the kickboxing workouts, because it keeps them on their toes. We do workouts on the pads, heavy bags, and even ground dummies (getting in some UFC action) to get an all around workout. All of our kickboxing workouts have no contact, so you won't need to worry about getting a black eye, but you will want to have some boxing gloves so you can beat up the bags with.

Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

Having a daily exercise routine is important for establishing a healthy lifestyle, but by itself is usually not enough for those looking to lose weight.

The fact is, we can only work off so many calories a day, and if you are eating more than you burn, you can still gain weight even though you are working out. Establishing a proper diet is key to getting the pounds off, and especially for women who want to tone up and get washboard abs. We will guide on you how to setup a meal plan, being efficient with meal preparation, quick and easy recipes, and how to shop smart.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Making a lifestyle change is no easy task.

At WOFB, we have a strong community of women who are here to support each other. Coaches and other members keep tabs on each other to make sure everyone meets their goals. Online, we accomplish this through our online forums. You can ask questions, share your frustrations, success stories, before and after photos, recipes, your favorite workouts and just about anything you want to talk about it. It is easier with a team to accomplish great things, and we at WOFB got your back!

Bottom Line - WOFB Live! Will Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Some of WOFB Live! Feature Highlights

Huge Video Library

We have hundreds of exercises, workouts, and lifestyle videos available to watch. It has never been this easy to learn from home!

Diet, Meal Planning, Recipes

Use our tools to help develop your own meal plan following your diet, and then pick out recipes that fit in.

Mobile Friendly

Our website is completely mobile friendly, so you can take us on the go with you to the gym or in the kitchen.

Community Support

You will never have to do it alone, as our online community of fellow fitness enthusiasts and coaches will be ready to help you answer questions and motivate you to keep going.
WOFB has helped thousands of women achieve better fitness

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